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Merino lamb

Closer to the sheep...

...with local wool!
It is a terrible shame to use merino wool from Australia while the european wool is transported in containers to East Asia. We wanted to change this situation and tested the suitability of several merino wool from France and Germany for the making of woven fabrics.

From shearing to fabric

Individual & unique spon

Loom weaving of our wool

Handloom is the only way to weave our hand-crafted spun wool

Individual & unique spon

The loom inthe bavarian forest

Each loom is carefully adjusted for a specific type of wool and thus a specific type of yarn.

Measure of the warp yarn

Before being woven the yarns are measured and cut according to the required length.

A handmade fabric

The warp and the weft are made of a three times twisted yarns.

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After the washing the wool must be passed several times between large cylinders covered with staples that separate the fibres and distributed them: the cards.

Carding of the wool.

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At the exit of the cardboard, the wool tape is separated into mini-ribbons wrapped around an axis that will be placed in front of the spinner.

The carded wool is separated into ribbons

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Once spun, the wool is wrapped on three cones from which the wires are woven together.

Twisting of the yarns