Child felting

A life in wide-open spaces

We like wool and the places where it grows. Our workshops and hikes through Provence are meetings with shepherds and motivated producers, who wish to convey their passion. The trails follow the tracks of the transhumance in Provence, used for more than 2000 years.

Child spinning

Shepherd in the plain of the Crau, the historical place of provençal merino

Six days on the trails including:

  • Discussions with nomadic shepherds and experts about the transhumance (animal wellfare, wolf issue...);
  • Hikes with explanations on the historical trails;
  • Wildlife and flora viewing;
  • Tasting, comparison and making of cheese;
  • For those who wish: achievement day after day of a fabric from the hand spinning to the loom.

  • See the full description in:

    Carding of wool

    Plain of the Crau painted by Van Gogh

    Workshop in Karlsruhe

    Cow, goat and sheep cheese on a small provençal market

    Combed wool

    Start in the plain

    Combed wool

    Break in a provençal village

    Combed wool

    The highest field of lavender

    Combed wool

    The alps, finally -bathing allowed!