Wool of Provence or of Germany? Hand-woven with the color of your choice or manufactured?

In any case your clothes will be entirely composed of fair and natural material!

Organic merino wool

Organic Wool: the only sensible thing!
"Organic" for animal wellfare and "Wool" for regional merinowool. No tail-docking. Transparency. Small series well-manufactured in germany. Well designed, our products are confortable, smart and environment-friendly.

German Wool

Show the natural diversity of german merino wool!
We want to restore the prestige of german merino wool with the experience gained from the making of our prototypes. You can wear your very own personalized suit with a reduced carbon footprint and choose the color of the linen inner lining.

Wool of Provence

A blessing of the sea, the wind, the sun and the mountains!
The herds of “Mérinos d’Arles” are led to the best provençal prairies thanks to shepherds' know-how. They enable to protect thousands of hectares of natural areas. Moreover, grazing lavender fields after harvest allows both the production of organic essential oils and the growth of quality wool! Shorn on the highland of Provence, this wool is naturally white and of unique purity.

Coming next year!